Spon's Architects' and Builders' Price Book 2018

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Isbn 9781138091634
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Year 2017
Pages 840
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Category Architecture

Book Description:

Construction prices rose over the last year by 5%, according to AECOM’s tender price index, with construction price inflation continuing to run above the long-run average.

The main drivers are rising input costs. Producer price indices have moved up at a clip in recent quarters, with sharp increases in prices for materials and fuels consumed by UK manufacturers. Demand- and supply-side factors make the probability of short-term price falls very slim.

SPON’S ARCHITECTS’ AND BUILDERS’ PRICE BOOK 2018, compiled by AECOM, still provides the most accurate, detailed and professionally relevant construction price information for the UK. Its unique Tender Index, updated through the year, gives an ongoing reality check and allows you to adjust for changing market conditions. Although it suits a wide range of project sizes, this is the only price book which sets out a detailed cost base for contracts exceeding £4,000,000 in value.

Use the access code inside the front cover of the book to get set up with a VitalSource® ebook of this 2018 edition. This versatile and powerful online data viewing package is available for use until the end of December 2018.

Major changes have been made to this 143rd edition:

New Cost Models for a retail distribution unit, a palliative care unit, and a cinema

As well as an overhaul of prices, several new items have been added, including:

    • An expanded range of beam & block flooring


  • Rainwater harvesting – with a precast concrete tank



  • A precast concrete flow attenuation system



  • Precast concrete communication boxes


… along with the standard features you have come to expect from SPON’S ARCHITECTS’ AND BUILDERS’ PRICE BOOK:

    • 20,000 prices for the most frequently specified items, the majority with labour constants and detailed build-ups.


  • Hundreds of alternative materials prices for the more unusual items.



  • Detailed guidance on wage rates, daywork, cost limits and allowances, property insurance and professional fees, plus useful formulae, design criteria and trade association addresses.


  • Updates, free of charge, two or three times a year – see inside for registration details. Updates are available online at www.pricebooks.co.uk



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