Excel 2016 PivotTables And PowerPivot: Supports Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016

This step-by-step workbook will guide you through learning the Excel program. It can be used by a beginner to understand core concepts, and an advanced student to learn the in’s and out’s of Excel. The workbook includes over 80 Practice Exercises that demonstrate how to use Excel concepts, and can also be used as a reference guide to quickly look up a topic. The primary focus of this manual is to cover PivotTables and PowerPivot capa...

Mastering Excel Macros: Charts (Book 12)

This macro lesson focuses on manipulating charts in Excel. You will learn how to: * Update a charts data series * Set up a worksheet where users can change the chart type * Build a worksheet where charts update automatically based on the cell a user selects * and more! There is a link in the lesson where you can download the follow along workbooks to practice the exercises in the book to get hands-on experience.

Salesforce.com For Dummies, 6th Edition

Your all-access guide to reaping the benefits of Salesforce.com Salesforce.com has a rapidly expanding influence over the way companies across the globe interact with their clientele. Written by Salesforce.com insiders with years of experience in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, Salesforce.com For Dummies gives you an edge in building relationships and managing your company's sales, marketing, customer service, and s...

Adobe RoboHelp 2015: The Essentials

Master Adobe RoboHelp using IconLogic’s proven “skills and drills” approach to learning. “Adobe RoboHelp 2015: The Essentials” is a self-paced, step-by-step workbook that teaches you the essential RoboHelp skills needed to create and deliver user assistance (help systems, policies and procedures, and knowledgebases). Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process of creating new RoboHelp projects and topics from scratch. Lea...

Using IPhones, IPads, and IPods : A Practical Guide for Librarians

Apple Inc. has sold more than 500 million iPhones, iPads, and iPodTouches. Library patrons are increasingly coming to libraries with the expectation that their Apple devices will work flawlessly with library services—or that they can find an iPad to use at the library if they don’t have one of their own. Libraries and librarians today are expected to be adept with the latest technology and to be able to apply it to popular use as wel...

Integrity and Internal Control in Information Systems V

Integrity and Internal Control in Information Systems V represents a continuation of the dialogue between researchers, information security specialists, internal control specialists and the business community. The objectives of this dialogue are: -To present methods and techniques that will help business achieve the desired level of integrity in information systems and data; -To present the results of research that may be used in the...

Microsoft Windows 7-Expertentipps

Sie möchten das volle Potenzial von Windows 7 nutzen und das Betriebssystem über die Standard-Einstellungen hinaus an Ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen. Dann ist dieses Buch genau richtig für Sie. Es bietet fortgeschrittenen Anwendern und Administratoren eine Fülle an Tipps und Tricks und berücksichtigt dabei auch das Service Pack 1 für Windows 7 und Windows Server 2008 R2 sowie den Internet Explorer 9. Windows-Experte Thomas Joos zeigt Ihne...

DITA for Print: A DITA Open Toolkit Workbook, Second Edition

As DITA has become more and more popular, demand has increased for tools that can provide high quality PDFs from DITA content. The DITA Open Toolkit provides a basic PDF capability, but nearly any real-world application will require customization. Leigh White's book, DITA for Print, has become the go-to reference for building a print customization plugin for the DITA Open Toolkit. This second edition covers Open Toolkit, version 2, i...

Excel Data Analysis: Your Visual Blueprint for Creating and Analyzing Data, Charts and PivotTables, 3rd Edition

Advanced techniques for Excel power users Crunch and analyze Excel data the way the professionals do with this clean, uncluttered, visual guide to advanced Excel techniques. Using numerous screenshots and easy-to-follow numbered steps, this book clearly shows you how to perform professional-level modeling, charting, data access, data slicing, and other functions. You'll find super techniques for getting the most out of Excel's statis...

Adobe Captivate 2017: Beyond The Essentials

A self-paced workbook that teaches the higher-end, more advanced functionality of Adobe Captivate 2017! By following step-by-step instructions, you will improve your Captivate screen recording skills via project templates and by pre-editing your text captions. You’ll learn how to record and edit video demos that allow you to capture screen actions in real-time. After importing quiz questions into Captivate using the GIFT format, you’...