Radical Evil And The Scarcity Of Hope: Postsecular Meditations

In a world filled with war, torture, and cruelty, where millions of people die of diseases related to malnutrition or inadequate health care each year, Martin Beck Matuštík's book is an important and innovative inquiry into an age-old problem. No one will deny that we live in a world where evil exists. But how are we to come to grips with human atrocity and its diabolical intensity? Martin Beck Matuštík considers evil to be even more...

Against Religion: The Alienation Of The Ecclesial Event

What is religion? In this book Christos Yannaras argues that it is a human construct, the product of our instincts of self-preservation and self-perpetuation, which bolsters our sense of securty as individuals, promising us eternal happiness. Against this, Yannaras sets the commitment of faith, defining it as an act of trust, self-offering and self-transcendence. For a Christian, faith is lived within the ecclesial events, that is to...

Sept Récits Initiatiques Tirés Du Yoga-vâsistha

Le Yoga-Vâsistha exalte l'effort humain et la toute-puissance de la liberté, au point même de soutenir par endroits que la notion de Destin est vide de sens, qu'elle constitue l'alibi des faibles. Palier par palier, le sens de l'ego doit donc être dilaté jusqu'à ce qu'il vienne se confondre avec le Soi, autrement dit avec la conscience universelle elle-même. Le Yoga-Vâsistha est le livre du " délivré-vivant ", celui qui se fait " mod...

The Forbidden Religion

In this work, Professor Herrou Aragon reveals in a straightforward and definitive manner the only religion which has been persecuted throughout the course of history by all the other religions of the world, its books burnt and its believers persecuted and assassinated. When this religion, completely different from all the others, appears before man, the other religions unite to try to destroy it or hide it again, so dangerous is this...

Religions South Asia

Written by leading experts, Religions of South Asia combines solid scholarship with clear and lively writing to provide students with an accessible and comprehensive introduction. All chapters are specially designed to aid cross-religious comparison, following a standard format covering set topics and issues; the book reveals to students the core principles of each faith, compares it to neighbouring traditions, and its particular pla...