Recovering Jewishness : Modern Identities Reclaimed

5befd41db3353.jpg Author Frederick S. Roden
Isbn 9781440837746
File size 1.65MB
Year 2016
Pages 277
Language English
File format PDF
Category Religion

Book Description:

Judaism and Jewish life reflect a diversity of identity after the past two centuries of modernization. This work examines how the early reformers of the 19th century and their legacy into the 20th century created a livable, liberal Jewish identity that allowed a reinvention of what it meant to be Jewish―a process that continues today.

• Documents how modern Judaism and the modern Jewish identity was built on diversity resulting from intermarriage and converts to Judaism over the course of two centuries

• Describes how individuals with remote connections to Judaism and Jewish identity are reclaiming those connections and reinventing what it means to be "Jew-ish," and are providing new models for those seeking to reconnect with Judaism

• Uniquely offers insightful critical analysis of the literature by converts to Judaism



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