Elliptic Integrable Systems: A Comprehensive Geometric Interpolation

In this paper, the author studies all the elliptic integrable systems, in the sense of C, that is to say, the family of all the $m$-th elliptic integrable systems associated to a $k^\prime$-symmetric space $N=G/G_0$. The author describes the geometry behind this family of integrable systems for which we know how to construct (at least locally) all the solutions. The introduction gives an overview of all the main results, as well as s...

Lobachevski Illuminated (Spectrum)

Lobachevski Illuminated provides a historical introduction to non-Euclidean geometry. Lobachevski's trailblazing explorations of non-Euclidean geometry constitute a crucial episode in the history of mathematics, but they were not widely recognized as such until after his death. Within these pages, readers will be guided step-by-step, through a new translation of Lobachevski's groundbreaking book, The Theory of Parallels. Extensive co...

Randomnicity: Rules and Randomness in the Realm of the Infinite

This unique book explores the definition, sources and role of randomness. A joyful discussion with many non-mathematical and mathematical examples leads to the identification of three sources of randomness: randomness due to irreversibility which inhibits us from extracting whatever rules may underlie a process, randomness due to our inability to have infinite power (chaos), and randomness due to many interacting systems. Here, all s...

Local Entropy Theory of a Random Dynamical System

In this paper the authors extend the notion of a continuous bundle random dynamical system to the setting where the action of R or N is replaced by the action of an infinite countable discrete amenable group. Given such a system, and a monotone sub-additive invariant family of random continuous functions, they introduce the concept of local fiber topological pressure and establish an associated variational principle, relating it to m...

The Kohn-Sham Equation for Deformed Crystals

The solution to the Kohn-Sham equation in the density functional theory of the quantum many-body problem is studied in the context of the electronic structure of smoothly deformed macroscopic crystals. An analog of the classical Cauchy-Born rule for crystal lattices is established for the electronic structure of the deformed crystal under the following physical conditions: (1) the band structure of the undeformed crystal has a gap, i...

Hörmander Spaces, Interpolation, and Elliptic Problems

The monograph gives a detailed exposition of the theory of general elliptic operators (scalar and matrix) and elliptic boundary value problems in Hilbert scales of Hormander function spaces. This theory was constructed by the authors in a number of papers published in 2005-2009. It is distinguished by a systematic use of the method of interpolation with a functional parameter of abstract Hilbert spaces and Sobolev inner product space...

On Central Critical Values of the Degree Four $l$-functions for Gsp

Some time ago, the first and third authors proposed two relative trace formulas to prove generalisations of Bocherer's conjecture on the central critical values of the degree four $L$-functions for $\mathrm{GSp}(4)$, and proved the relevant fundamental lemmas. Recently, the first and second authors proposed an alternative third relative trace formula to approach the same problem and proved the relevant fundamental lemma. In this pape...

Approximation by Polynomials with Integral Coefficients

Results in the approximation of functions by polynomials with coefficients which are integers have been appearing since that of Pal in 1914. The body of results has grown to an extent which seems to justify this book. The intention here is to make these results as accessible as possible. The book addresses essentially two questions. The first is the question of what functions can be approximated by polynomials whose coefficients are ...