Semiorders – Properties, Representations, Applications By Marc Pirlot

Semiorder is probably one of the most frequently ordered structures in science. It naturally appears in fields like psychometrics, economics, decision sciences, linguistics and archaeology. It explicitly takes into account the inevitable imprecisions of scientific instruments by allowing the replacement of precise numbers by intervals. The purpose of this book is to dissect this structure and to study its fundamental properties. The ...

Math Workshop In Action: Strategies For Grades K-5

Math Workshop in Action shows how teachers can engage students in mathematics in a meaningful, rich way. The book provides practical guidance in initiating, supporting, and sustaining a true math workshop in the classroom where content and pedagogy are valued by all, success is fostered, and individual needs are met. At the end of each chapter, guiding questions offer opportunities for reflection and planing next steps. These questio...

Methods Of Solving Nonstandard Problems

This book, written by an accomplished female mathematician, is the second to explore nonstandard mathematical problems – those that are not directly solved by standard mathematical methods but instead rely on insight and the synthesis of a variety of mathematical ideas.   It promotes mental activity as well as greater mathematical skills, and is an ideal resource for successful preparation for the mathematics Olympiad. Numerous strat...

Handbook Of Mathematical Techniques For Wave/structure Interactions

Although a wide range of mathematical techniques can apply to solving problems involving the interaction of waves with structures, few texts discuss those techniques within that context-most often they are presented without reference to any applications. Handbook of Mathematical Techniques for Wave/Structure Interactions brings together some of the most important techniques useful to applied mathematicians and engineers. Each chapter...

Theory Of Uniform Approximation Of Functions By Polynomials

The book could be of interest for all who work in approximation theory and related fields; it should not be overlooked by university libraries."In: Ems Newsletter 3/2009 "It is useful for students interested in uniform approximation theory, and it can be used as a reference book for researchers as well. A thorough, self-contained and easily accessible treatment of the theory on the polynomial best approximation of functions with resp...

Handbook Of Teichmüller Theory: Volume Iii

The subject of this handbook is Teichmüller theory in a wide sense, namely the theory of geometric structures on surfaces and their moduli spaces. This includes the study of vector bundles on these moduli spaces, the study of mapping class groups, the relation with 3-manifolds, the relation with symmetric spaces and arithmetic groups, the representation theory of fundamental groups, and applications to physics. Thus the handbook is a...