Housing the Future

Alternative Approaches for Tomorrow

5bf129d9836b3.jpg Author Graham Potts and Rachel Isaac-Menard
Isbn 9780993370601
File size 6.6MB
Year 2015
Pages 254
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

Housing The Future – Alternative Approaches for Tomorrow offers three perspectives on the problems of housing today with an eye on tomorrow. It brings together world-leading practicing architects with academics from seven countries and teams of international students. World leaders in the field of residential design, such as UN Habitat Award winner Avi Friedman, present built projects whose design criteria and aims they lay out in text. Academics from the UK, the USA, Spain, Germany and elsewhere follow these project descriptions with extended essays from a more theoretical perspective but remain focused on the realities of practice. Finally, ideas on current housing problems from the next generation of designers are brought together in student projects from Europe and North America.



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