Matthew Sadler’s Tips For Young Players

Grandmaster Matthew Sadler, answers key questions such as: Which openings should I play ? How do I learn to spot tactics? What do I need to know about the endgame? This book is full of common sense and down to earth explanations of the basic principles of Chess. Within the first few pages the author starts to demystify areas of the game that have always seemed complicated to me. Written in a fun and informal style with lots of exampl...

S.t.a.r. Chess (gambit Chess)

Here he applies his original, mnemonic-based approach to the strategy and tactics of attack, defense, and counterattack. This book is packed with instructive model examples starting from a wide spectrum of opening systems, presenting a treasure trove of ideas to surprise even the most experienced of opponents. Interspersed with the instruction are test positions and puzzles to improve your skills in reasoning -- necessary if you are ...

Chess Evolution 1: The Fundamentals

Artur Yusupov’s complete course of chess training stretches to nine volumes, guiding the reader towards a higher chess understanding using carefully selected positions and advice. To make sure that this new knowledge sticks, it is then tested by a selection of puzzles. The course is structured in three series with three levels. The Fundamentals level is the easiest one, Beyond the Basics is more challenging, and Mastery is quite diff...

Bridging Literacies With Videogames By Hannah R. Gerber

Bridging Literacies with Videogames provides an international perspective of literacy practices, gaming culture, and traditional schooling. Featuring studies from Australia, Colombia, South Korea, Canada, and the United States, this edited volume addresses learning in primary, secondary, and tertiary environments with topics related to: • re-creating worlds and texts • massive multiplayer second language learning • videogames and cla...

Vintage Game Consoles

I'm a video game fan. Since I first saw an Atari 2600. But it really took me to a whole new level when I saw Zaxxon from Sega in the arcades. The first console I ever owned was a garage sale Nintendo NES. Then a Sega Genesis, SNES, Saturn and Dreamcast. This book made me relive those experiences, with enough information on these systems - and more - to keep my interest for hours upon hours. Vintage Game Consoles tells the story of th...

Digital Game-based Learning

This is the Paragon House edition of the classic work by Marc Prensky. Prensky traces the shift from traditional learning to digital game-based learning. He demonstrates how learners have changed, how digital game-based learning works, its applications, and implementation and shows the role of teachers and trainers in this new arena. Today’s workforce is quicker, sharper, more visually oriented, and more technology-savvy than ever. T...

Complete Guide To Velociraptors By Various

But in game worlds where raptors can observe humans and their tools, the raptors learn quickly, and the advantages of a thumb diminish with every passing day. If you've ever wanted to include history's most cunning predator in your game, this is your chance. The Complete Guide to Velociraptors is a stand-alone supplement that offers an exhaustive look at velociraptors. This book is world-neutral, so it can be used with a Broncosaurus...

Trick Decks: How To Hack Playing Cards For Extraordinary Magic

Trick Decks will show you how to easily make different kinds of trick card decks to perform stunning magic tricks. You can make the decks from ordinary playing cards and easy-to-find tools and materials. No special skills are required and these cards are fun to make. In this book you will learn - The best way to mark cards - How to make a stripper deck that lets you pull selected cards from the middle of the deck - Two ways to make o...