First Time Art Quilts

Design Elements Plus 5 Easy Projects

5befd4711bd15.jpg Author Susan Stein
File size 27.9MB
Year 2015
Pages 32
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

Step-by-step instructions make jumping into art quilting easy and fun!

Art quilting is very personal, and it can take a lot of experimentation and practice to achieve a level of confidence and accomplishment. One cannot become an art quilter simply by following instructions. However, some basic information is needed to get started on the right path. This booklet gives the reader a foundation in design elements - lines, values, color, texture, balance, and unity - and provides 5 simple art quilt projects to help the reader experiment with different methods. Explore fabric manipulation and embellishment techniques with author Susan Stein, a Minnesota Quilter of the Year.



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