Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems IV

Function Theory and Optimization: Fourth International Conference

5be15249ac3a6.jpg Author Greg Galloway, Levi Karp, Mark Agranovsky, and Matania Ben-Artzi
Isbn 9780821851968
File size 2.37MB
Year 2011
Pages 317
Language English
File format PDF
Category Mathematics

Book Description:

The papers in this volume cover a wide variety of topics in the geometric theory of functions of one and several complex variables, including univalent functions, conformal and quasiconformal mappings, and dynamics in infinite-dimensional spaces. In addition, there are several articles dealing with various aspects of Lie groups, control theory, and optimization. Taken together, the articles provide the reader with a panorama of activity in complex analysis and quasiconformal mappings, drawn by a number of leading figures in the field. The companion volume (Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 554) is devoted to general relativity, geometry, and PDE.



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