Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer's Search for American Music

Long-awaited in some musical circles, this admiring biography of one member of an influential American family of musicians is deeper, broader, and more theoretically conceived than Matilda Gaume's Ruth Crawford Seeger: Memoirs, Memories, Music (Scarecrow, 1986) and effectively replaces it. Deriving insights from new sources and interviews and providing fresh analyses of many of Seeger's compositions, this lively but scholarly book gr...

Communist Daze : The Many Misadventures of a Soviet Doctor

Welcome to Gradieshti, a Soviet village awash in gray buildings and ramshackle fences, home to a large, collective farm and to the most oddball and endearing cast of characters possible. For three years in the 1960s, Vladimir Tsesis―inestimable Soviet doctor and irrepressible jester―was stationed in a village where racing tractor drivers tossed vodka bottles to each other for sport; where farmers and townspeople secretly mocked and t...

Mirages: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1939–1947

Mirages opens at the dawn of World War II, when Anaïs Nin fled Paris, where she lived for fifteen years with her husband, banker Hugh Guiler, and ends in 1947 when she meets the man who would be “the One,” the lover who would satisfy her insatiable hunger for connection. In the middle looms a period Nin describes as “hell,” during which she experiences a kind of erotic madness, a delirium that fuels her search for love. As a child su...

Adrian Peterson (Football Superstars)

Before becoming one of the greatest running backs in the NFL, Adrian Peterson overcame several personal tragedies. He held his dying brother in his arms after a tragic accident, was separated from his imprisoned father, was stunned by the murder of his stepbrother, and endured many career-threatening injuries. But through it all, he has run the football with a pride, force, and vengeance that sets him apart from almost all other mode...

Le Mystère Tintin - Les raisons d'un succès universel

« Je vous assure que je ne comprendrai jamais le succès de Tintin. Pour moi, il doit y avoir, au départ, un malentendu… », avouait Hergé. Plus de trente ans après sa mort et quarante ans après la parution du dernier album achevé, le succès de Tintin perdure. L'universalité de son audience n'est plus à démontrer, avec une traduction en plus de cent langues. Mais s'est-on vraiment interrogé sur les raisons de ce succès, par-delà la rec...

A Companion to Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover

With the analysis of the best scholars on this era, 29 essays demonstrate how academics then and now have addressed the political, economic, diplomatic, cultural, ethnic, and social history of the presidents of the Republican Era of 1921-1933 - Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover. This is the first historiographical treatment of a long-neglected period, ranging from early treatments to the most recent scholarship Features review essays on ...

The Way I Am

Chart topping-and headline-making-rap artist Eminem shares his private reflections, drawings, handwritten lyrics, and photographs in his New York Times bestseller The Way I Am Fiercely intelligent, relentlessly provocative, and prodigiously gifted, Eminem is known as much for his enigmatic persona as for being the fastest-selling rap artist and the first rapper to ever win an Oscar. Everyone wants to know what Eminem is really like-a...

Nikita Krushchev

What was known about Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev during his career was strictly limited by the secretive Soviet government. Little more information was available after he was ousted and became a “non-person” in the ussr in 1964. This pathbreaking book draws for the first time on a wealth of newly released materials—documents from secret former Soviet archives, memoirs of long-silent witnesses, the full memoirs of the premier him...

Robert Walser-Handbuch: Leben – Werk – Wirkung

Robert Walser gilt heute als einer der wichtigsten Prosa-Autoren des 20. Jahrhunderts. Obwohl er mit seinen Romanen »Geschwister Tanner«, »Der Gehülfe« und »Jakob von Gunten« in Literatenkreisen früh eine gewisse Bekanntheit erwarb, bewegte sich Walser Zeit seines Lebens an den Rändern der Gesellschaft und gelangte erst postum zu internationalem Ruhm. Erstmals werden Leben und Werk dieses bedeutenden Autors in einem Handbuch dargeste...

Brownshirt Princess: A Study of the Nazi Conscience

Marie Adelheid, Prinzessin Reuß-zur Lippe was a rebellious young woman and aspiring writer from an ancient princely family who became a fervent Nazi. Heinrich Vogeler was a well-regarded Jugendstil artist who was to join the German Communist Party and later emigrate to the Soviet Union. Ludwig Roselius was a successful Bremen businessman who had made a fortune from his invention of decaffeinated coffee. What was it about the revoluti...