Auto Stretching: Complete Manual of Specific Training

584d4dadf3de2.jpeg Author Jern Hamberg and Olaf Evjenth
Isbn 9789185934058
File size 51MB
Year 1991
Pages 248
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

-you stretch your muscles the right way to prevent or relieve stiffness and other discomforts due to tight muscles;
- all muscles and muscle groups are stretched in the best manner with proper regard to their functions;
- stretching exercises are complete, and therefore act on all muscles that restrict movement;
- stretching exercises are fully controlled, for safety and stability; ---
Autostretching exercises are described in detail for most muscles and muscle groups. Color photos and anatomical drawings of the muscles stretched make it easy to follow the instructions. Autostretching exercises may be performed anywhere, anytime, with the aid of only a few commonly available objects.
Everyone should stretch, so this book is a guide for self-stretching as well as a reference work for medical doctors and physical therapists when instructing patients. It is a useful companion text to the two-volume clinical ma¬nual, Muscle Stretching in Manual Therapy, by the same authors.
Olaf Evjenth is a physical therapist and lecturer in manual therapy at the Hans & Olaf Institute in Oslo, Norway, and a coach with 25 years of experience in track and field athletics.
----Jern Hamberg, M.D., is a lecturer i orthopaedic medicine and director of the Alfta Rehab Center in Alfta, Sweden.
Both have more than 30 years' experience of treating problems concerning muscles and bones.



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