Attack and Defence

Based on the acclaimed teaching methods of the Dvoretsky-Yusupov chess school, this bool is ideal for any aspiring player who wants to increase his or her chess understanding and playing strength.

Endgame Analysis: School of Chess Excellence

Mark Dvoretsky is regarded as the leading chess coach in the world, and the first book in his School of Chess Excellence series is devoted to the endgame. He analyzes a wide range of positions, and his comments are packed with advice. Special test positions and frequent questions ensure the reader's participation.

Secrets of Chess Tactics

This chess book concentrates on typical practical themes in the middlegame. It deals with the essential ideas of tactical combinations, attack and defence. At every stage there are questions and tests which enable the reader to discover his or her own tactical strengths and weaknesses. This book is the sequel to "Secrets of Chess Training" which won the British Chess Federation's 1990-91 Book of the Year Award.

Secrets of Chess Training: School of Future Chess Champions 1

The world’s top trainer, Mark Dvoretsky, and one of his best-known pupils, grandmaster Artur Yusupov, present a five-volume series based on courses given to talented young players throughout the world. The books contain contributions by other leading trainers and grandmasters, as well as games by pupils who have attended the courses. In this first volume the reader is shown how to assess his strengths and weaknesses, analyze his own ...

Tactical Play (School of Chess Excellence 2)

In this second book in his School of Chess Excellence series, Mark Dvoretsky looks at combinations and tactical techniques and suggests methods for developing a player's ability to calculate. Using a number of fascinating examples, he also analyzes methods of attack and defense. The book also includes special test positions and questions to engage and instruct the reader.

Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual: Practical Training for the Ambitious Chessplayer

This book is aimed first of all at helping strong players complete themselves. This ensures that it will overflow with exceptionally complex analyses and exercises, which will be difficult for even the leading grandmasters to handle. But even amateur players will find something of interest in it. How can it not be interesting to peek - perhaps not as an owner, but at least as a guest - into the world of high-level chess, to see with ...

Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual

A great new book on the endgame that will make you play better! Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual is sure to become a classic on one of the most difficult and subtle phases in chess. It covers all the most important positions required for endgame mastery, from elementary king-and-pawn endings to complex rook or queen endgames that have baffled even top grandmasters.